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Students should take special note of the following conditions and agree to abide by them :
1. Students should keep their identity card with them when they come to the institute. Admission to the institute premises may be denied to those who do not produce the identity card when checked.
2. A student who is found to have suppressed or distorted any information required to be furnished in the application will, if admitted, be dismissed and the fee paid is liable to be forfeited.
3. A minimum of 75% (Seventy Five Percentage) of attendance per semester is required for eligibility to appear for the semester examinations. Those who do not have the required attendance in each semester will not be allowed to sit for the examination
4. A student expelled on disciplinary grounds will not be eligible for refund of any fees.
5. Students are not allowed to use mobile phone in the class. Mobile phones are strictly debarred in the examination hall.

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